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We may be among some of the biggest fruit and veg suppliers in the UK, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our roots, the environment and the community around us. The Pauleys team abide by a strict set of ethics that focus on four main areas: the environment, our sourcing, the community, and our people.

Firstly – and perhaps most importantly – we take great care to reduce our impact on the environment. This is vital to our business as we rely on the environment to provide us with great quality fruit and veg all year round.

So we keep a keen eye on our waste. In fact, we’ve been staring at it so intensely that a whopping 97% of all our waste is now recycled! We’ve reduced our cardboard usage by introducing a new ‘half box’ for smaller orders, and all the fresh produce that doesn’t make it to our customers gets donated to Fareshare’s network of food banks.

To combat our emissions, we’ve teamed up with Brakes to use their fleet of vehicles to get our products to customers around the country. This means our products are travelling in a much more efficient and environmentally friendly way than if they were travelling on their own in our trucks – reducing our emissions and carbon footprint significantly.

In line with this, our procurement team take great care in selecting those suppliers that champion responsible and sustainable sourcing – meaning that the environment never comes off second best. We also throw our weight behind Great British agriculture and support UK growers around the country by buying tonnes of British fruit and veg.

The community is also very important to Pauleys. We regularly make donations to food banks through Fareshare and we support a local Corby charity, Lakelands Hospice. This charity provides respite facilities for adults living with cancer and heart failure and it relies entirely on donations; so it’s an incredibly important local cause to get behind and support.

Equally, our internal community is a factor we take very seriously. Our people are one of Pauleys’ most important assets, and treating them with respect is essential. All of our people can expect to have a voice, be empowered, be recognised for their achievements and have the opportunity to grow and develop within our business. Above all, our team can expect to come to work and be treated fairly and in a friendly manner by all – so hopefully we make a pretty good employer!

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