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Accreditations are extremely important to fruit and vegetable wholesalers. They may look like nothing more than a little logo slapped on the packaging, but these accreditations are a mark of quality for Pauleys. They act as a guarantee that the fruit and veg we wholesale is traceable, safe to eat and produced responsibly and ethically.

So what accreditations do we use? Well, as a minimum we require all of our UK suppliers to hold an Assured Produce accreditation, and all suppliers outside the UK must be GLOBALG.A.P. accredited. This guarantees that all the fresh produce coming into our warehouse doesn’t fall below our minimum quality requirements; it’s all fully traceable, it’s all safe to eat, and it’s all been produced to a set of responsible and ethical standards.

Of course, there are accreditations that go above and beyond the standards set by Assured Produce and GLOBALG.A.P, such as Red Tractor and LEAF.

Red Tractor is a mark of quality that guarantees that produce comes from British farms with the very highest standards of food safety, hygiene, animal welfare and environmental protection. So if you see it on a product, you know that it’s one of the most ethical products there is on the market.

LEAF (which stands for Linking Environment and Farming) focusses on environmental protection. They work with their members to develop and apply agricultural practices that will support farmers in producing affordable food in harmony with the environment, without damaging the countryside for future generations.

These two accreditations are fantastic marks of quality, so we like to promote them wherever possible.

And last – but by no means least – Pauleys hold a BRC Storage and Distribution accreditation, which is a standard designed to ensure that best practices are being followed when it comes to the storage and distribution of products. This standard is hard-won through a rigorous audit, so it acts as a guarantee for our customers that Pauleys are strict when it comes to operating standards.

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